What to do?

What to do
When you are feeling down
When you feel alone
When you feel betrayed
When you dont know what to feel and do

Never loose hope
Never stop searching
Never stop learning
Never stop changing

Go back to the origins
Go back to the source

Just believe and love yourself
Stop the outside voices
Search deep inside and listen to your soul

To find who you really are
To know what you can really do
To know what you can really change

By discovering the beauty within that you have
And with heart and soul
To feel the love, compassion, peace, freedom, strength, hope, joy...

Become that being
Know you ARE that being
Be aware that you are love and are loved
Be aware we are all the same
And you will have found all the answers
You will have found the meaning and beauty of life

Then you will know who you trully are...

A small big part of the Universe
A shining star among billions
Light, Love, God.

... so smile, because you are beautiful.

By P.Daniel - 2009