The Power of Forgiveness.

How hard and how powerful can it be

It is an important experience that can deeply change lifes
It can heal minds and hearts
It can re-build connections
It can transform deep hate into deep love

Forgiving someone that has hurt us can be very difficult
it can demand great courage, great wisdom, great love
especially if the other person does not recognizes the mistake
does not apologizes and assumes an arrogant position

But if we wish to heal and to evolve ourselves
it is something we MUST do

Forgiving also means to give others a chance
To give them a chance to change themselves
To know and rebuild who they are, to travel into a new path
A healing path of honesty, peace and love

However, no matter what others do
we need to bear in mind that

We cannot forget we also make mistakes
We cannot forget we also hurt others
No matter if consciously or not
It still happens sometimes

We are no superior than others, we have been there as well

The trick is to learn to be more aware
To learn to be humble, to become wiser
To learn to avoid it when possible
and ask for forgiveness when it still happens

If we want to make the world a better place
We need to learn to forgive others as they learn to forgive us
Even if people still live in different levels of awareness
No one is better than others, we still have the same origins and potencial

So forgive, focus on the healing power of love
So forgive, because you are them and they are you
When you do that, you also forgive yourself
Because we are all one.

By P. Daniel - 11/2009