Beauty is Everywhere.

Beauty is everywhere
we look and feel

It is in experiences, knowledge and wisdom
In the way we have so much to (re)learn

It is in the grass
In the softly feeling when we lay down

It is in the animals
In the way they play and help each other

It is in the plants
In the way they give us life

It is in the trees
In the shadow and comfort they give

It is in the leaves
In the wind softly touching them

It is in in the birds
In the musics they make

It is in the rain
In the way the drops flow trough our face

It is in the sky and water
In the immense blue they are

It is in Nature
In the way everything is connected

It is in the Sun
In the way it keeps us warm

It is in the stars and the Universe
In the way it is so mysterious

It is in the people
In the love they share

It is in the souls
In the purity they are

It is in God
In the way God is all of this

It is within us
Because we are all of that...

Everything in the universe is beautiful
We just need to learn to see with new eyes
With a new open and more wider perspective
To understand that most times, the best things in life are the small ones

When we learn to change our views, we see things shining
We give a more powerful meaning and value to everything
We give thanks for life, for all the small and big blessings we receive daily
We give thanks to the experiences and opportunities those blessings provide

That way we understand, we change, we become

Open your eyes, open your mind, open your soul
To see and embrace the inner and outward beauty.

In doing so, you just touch heaven...

By P. Daniel - 11/2009