A new dawn...

A new dawn is rising
And is bringing change
New energy, new hope, new opportunities

Things never remain the same
Things are always changing
Since the nature of the universe
Is change itself

The way we face the change
Is the way that makes all the difference
The difference is what we choose to see, be and do
The difference to build something

The potencial to build
Is built with the positive potential
Thoughts, emotions, actions, wisdom
When we seek love within, we become love and it will flow trough us

Trough us, it is love who changes, who transforms everything
Who makes all the difference, who shines, who gives hope
It is love who builds a better future
For us, for others, for the planet

Yes, it is a new dawn, a dawn of change for change itself
A new dawn that will enlighten the sky, our heart, our mind
A light that is part of us
A light that will show us the way

It is a new dawn, and our life has just began.

Take a chance and be a part of change.

By Paulo Daniel - 2009