Drop of Water.

What are we?

We are a drop of water
The lake is our universe
We are one drop among many billions of others in the vast lake
Every one of them is precious, every one of them is equal

Even knowing we are just one drop
Can we really make a difference?

Most would not think so,
but do not loose faith and, just imagine:

A drop of water falling into the lake
No matter how small it may be
When it hits the surface
It creates an impact, a wave
A wave that will affect and change
The life of many thousands of other drops
A wave that keeps moving outward
A wave that keeps affecting more and more drops
And those drops affect others drops, and so on
In some level, all the lake is affected

It is a wave of change, a wave of awareness
With the power to create the butterfly effect
It is transformation, it is revolution, it is evolution

If we can make a difference just by being a single drop?
Yes we can.

And we can do it everyday, with everyone.
With small and big steps, we make a difference
Just try it, do not be afraid and believe in yourself
Fall into the lake and start the change.

By Paulo Daniel - 11/2009