We are always searching
Searching the unknown
to try find the answers to the questions
we make every day and night.

We search because we feel the need to know.
We search because we wish to be happy.

Most of the times we never receive an answer
because we are not aware, and so, able to see and understand it.
Most of the times we don't even know what to search
because we are so deep within the illusions, so unhappy.

Normally people do not make the right questions
hence, they do not receive the right answers.
Most of the questions made are superficial
when we need to be brave and go deeper.

Answers are important
but the right questions are even more important.
It is with them that we are able to explore, discover
and understand the basis for the meaning of life.

When we search deep within
within our heart and soul
we can truly go from darkness into light
because our mind will be enlighten.

Making the right questions
gives us the opportunity to receive the right answers.
Knowing those answers shows us
the path to true wisdom, peace and happiness.

It is a path of spiritual evolution.
It is a path of life, to the why we are here.

We are here to experience
to remember
to evolve
to go beyond
to transform
to become
to love.

When we have done so
we don't need to do anything
we don't need to search no more...

We just ARE.

By P. Daniel - 11/2009