All We Need Is Love.

All we need is love
love is the real energy that moves the universe
love is the real energy that gives true meaning to life
love is what makes us smile, feel warm, complete and happy

Love is the most wonderful and powerful feeling
It can transform everything, it can heal, build, become
It is the basis for life, it is what we are, it is our destiny

There are many different levels of love
The love for family, for a friend, for a lover, for an "enemy"
The love for Nature, for Animals, plants, for all life
The love for ourselves, the love for the Universe (God)

But people do not know how to find true love
Most don't even know what love really is
Within the illusions, people look for love on the outside, on others
when in reality we need to search within, that is the biggest secret in life

Most times we feel dependent on others love when we should be independent
by knowing we already have what we search for, on the inside, on our heart and soul
that is the only way we can be truly happy
we do not depend on others, we depend on ourselves

When we search in ourselves
we can find and unlock that love
the love that you have
the love that you are

So find and be the love that you are
Share that it with others in all forms
and especially give that love to yourself
and by doing so, you won't need anything else

Even if it feels that you cannot find the love you are searching for
Do not fear, do not despair, because
True love is your destiny

By P. Daniel - 11/2009