Judgement versus compassion.

Judgment is blind
Compassion is wise

To judge is to...

be arrogant and hypocrite, thinking we are superior and never make mistakes
hurt others and ourselves
not understand what is behind or even ahead
deny love, deny empathy, deny possibilities and evolution
follow an illusion, an easy path
make wars, destroy a bit of others and ourselves

To be compassionated is to...

be humble and gentle, knowing that we have already been there
try to help others and ourselves
try to understand the facts and the emotions
embrace love, embrace empathy, allow possibilities and evolution to arise
seek the truth, the truth within a path of love
forge peace, heal and build something permanent

You can do this by transforming knowledge into wisdom
Every day, with small big acts of kindness

There is nothing easier than to judge others
But it is the path of negativity, separation and (self)destruction

There is nothing more powerful than to try to understand and forgive others
It is the path that unites souls, that restores connections, that help us evolve

There is only one way to spirituality away from illusions, and that way is trough love.
All other paths only make us move away from the union with the One, the union with our essence.

Accept your responsibility, it is up to you
Follow the love within to reach and give compassion
You are already all that, share it with others and change the world.

By P. Daniel - 2009