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- Kindness, Care and Compassion
Kindness, care and compassion emerge from a heart which is loving and true.
A kind soul never compares or competes, but is content.
A compassionate soul never judges or criticises, but maintains a merciful attitude.
A caring soul cares for the best in every soul.

- Choosing Positivity
When you choose to be positive in adversity, you transform conflict into inner strength and gain a peaceful victory for both sides.

- Spotting the Good
We're usually very good at spotting mistakes.  We can also develop the quality of spotting the good in others and situations.  If I keep thinking "they are wrong", I create a barrier which blocks me from reaching my own goodness.  By going beyond the curtain of negativity, I will see and feel the good in myself and others

- Integrity
Integrity is the ability to remain true to my own values, no matter how others behave, and to avoid the temptation to prove myself right.  Values practised quietly, are much more impressive than those that are advertised.

- Small steps, Big changes
What works best in effecting personal change is often a series of small steps instead of grand gestures.  Remember, a baby takes one very shaky step at a time accompanied by a big wide grin.  What's the smallest thing you can change, that's going to make the biggest impact?

By www.innerspace.org.uk