Take a Chance

Life presents us with many wonderful gifts
Take the opportunities that appear before us
We need to open our eyes, mind and heart
To be able to see, understand, and embrace them into our lifes

When we do so, we can take the best out of life
Experience it to the fullest
Experience ourselves, so we can know our true self
So we can transform and become that self

Sometimes, somethings may not seems to be a gift
Sometimes, somethings may seem to be really painful
It can be very hard to acknowledge and accept
But even a painful gift can actually be a blessing in disguise

It can be a blessing, since it can force us to see
To see in different ways, in different perspectives
So we can go beyond our own self-imposed limitations
So we can overcome our pains, our fears

So we can fulfill our destiny

And in doing so, become light and share that light
And transform ourselves, transform the world

Believe in yourself and take a chance
Believe in your own light, and surpass the fears
Believe in others, share, connect and build something
Something that will benefit every soul, every being

Take a chance, because only in doing so you can go beyond
Take a chance, because only in doing so you can be truly happy

Take a chance, because life is CHANGE.


By P. Daniel - 11/2009