Miracles are made when...

You smile to someone
You are there to give a hand
You say you care and love
You listen and try to understand
You give compassion and not judgement
You forgive even if someone hurt you very much
You see and understand we are all equals
You respect and protect all living beings
You see Nature is interconnected
You feel we all have the same origin
You change the life of a being
You become more aware
You know your true self
You transform knowledge into wisdom
You transform yourself and make a positive difference

Miracles do not need to come out of big issues
in fact, we can make lots of "small" miracles everyday
with everyone around and beyond us, in the present and for the future

It's those small miracles that will change everything
it will affect us, others, and the world
by creating a butterfly effect based on unconditional love

Somehow, we always make a difference
no matter if we try to be neutral, as such thing is impossible
The only questions is, what type of difference you decide to make
a negative or a positive one? Why not try to make a miracle?

Never underestimate yourself, and aim for unconditional love,
Because that way you always make a great difference
in the way we look at ourselves
in the life of one or more people
in the way we look and deal with adversities
in the way we take care of the planet and all it's living beings

Because you make a difference to yourself
since you allow to your true self to resurface
and to become the true being that you are within

Give thanks for all the miracles you receive
especially for the ones that you give.

Create, sustain and share your miracle
to transform the inner and outside world.

By P. Daniel - 11/2009