Life Is a Journey.

Life is a journey,
a journey where you learn
where you fall and rise
where you transform
where you become.

It is where we play and enjoy every step of the way
It is where we know, experience and prove ourselves.

Peace, happiness and spiritual evolution
is not about reaching the destination
but about the journey itself
about what we decide to think, feel and do along the way.

Along our path, along adversities,
we can decide to either be fear, rage, selfishness and hate
or we can decide to be wisdom, peace and love

The journey is the trail we make
it is an important part of our evolution
it is what will make us enjoy life
it is what will make us reach peace, joy and love.

That journey is necessary
and, even adversities are precious
because it will give us many choices and blessings
the blessings of awareness and unconditional love.

Live your life, trail your journey,
and do it with wisdom and love,
sharing it with everyone else,
in that way, you will change both worlds...

... Your inner world and the outside one.

By Paulo Daniel - 02/2010

Life it is not about the destination, but the journey.