UNITY - The ultimate goal of your life

From Nation Earth, the producers of "Earthlings"
A must see film

UNITY is a feature-length educational philosophical film about how we perceive humans, animals and nature. It is scheduled for release in 2012. The film is written and directed by Shaun Monson, who also wrote and directed the film Earthlings. Unity continues the theme established by Monson in Earthlings of the interrelation of animals, nature, and humankind. Unity will explore the unifying force of consciousness found in humans, animals and nature.

Unity is divided into four parts: Body, Mind, Heart and Soul. Part One focuses on food, emphasizing how the food consumed affects one's energy level and influences their mind. Part Two is devoted to an understanding of the human ego, which always perceives opposites in one another, (us and them, male and female, black and white, gay and straight, is and isn't, etc.). Part Three is centered on emotion and the human capacity to love, which actually enables us to go beyond these opposites. And Part Four is about a higher level of consciousness.