Who you are?

To really love, is to learn to see beyond what appears to be and into what is, beyond the superficial and into the profound. You are not your mind, you are your hearth, you are your soul, and no matter what happens, how many times you fall, how many times you hurt others or suffer and cry, deep within, you will always be that, a being of light that shines thought the darkness into becoming a beacon of love and hope, capable of seeing what is illusion and what is reality, capable of transforming anger into peace, resentment into forgiveness, hate into love.

Who do you choose to be today, in this moment? To transform the world, first transform yourself. And how you can do that? Just search deep within and realize, discover, feel, know, that you are much more than what you think you are.

And who are you? you are UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! To know which path to follow, every day in life always ask yourself, what would love do now?

To start the change, BE the change. It is your destiny...

Embrace it.

Paulo Daniel - October 2010