Discover: Beyond illusions - To Be Free.

Beyond illusions:

To have
The Foresight
The Humility
The Open Mind
The Compassion
The Wisdom
The Love
The Strength
The Courage
To dare to go beyond illusions
To know there is much more out there
To be able to see new worlds, new dimensions, new potentials
Open your eyes
Seek and see with your soul and
You will find the truth of who you are
You will find the light
You will finally be free...

By P. Daniel - 12/2009

From the movie "The Island" - Music: "My Name Is Lincoln"

Now We Are Free:

When we discover what the illusions really are
We can understand and become free from them
But we must choose to do so, to take the responsibility
Then, and only then
We are able to know and be who we really are
We can really know our origins, our purpose
We will understand and fulfill our destiny

To be one with the universe.

By P. Daniel - 12/2009